SMA Kristen Kalam Kudus II Is Having A Special Guest From Unbox Your Potential

Jakarta, SKKKJAKARTA.SCH.ID – Wednesday, April 5th 2023. SMAS 2 Kristen Kalam Kudus Jakarta is having a special guest from Unbox Your Potential.

Unbox Your Potential is a program from Pelita Harapan University (UPH) that collaborates with the Breakthrough For Life counseling agency to be able to provide an introduction to the potential that exists within high school students which is packaged in a Fun and attractive way as well as prizes. 

At 07.00 AM the students went to the church of Kalam Kudus Kosambi Baru, and  they were instructed to scan a QR code and answer the questionnaire. Through those series of questions they were able to determine one of the characteristics that they got. There are 6 characteristics which are: The Practitioner, The Detective, The Artistic, The Helping Hand, The Influencer, And The Conservative. 

After that the students get a wristband for the corresponding characteristics that they got, the characteristics which are then explained by the counseling agency. At 08.30 AM the students then went back to their class and continued their day.

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