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This is a poem that tells how romantic it is to fall in love during high school and I wrote this poem because I intended it for someone.

If love is a Flower

I want to be Red Rose

Which is as fragrant as the

Blooming color of your Beautiful Lips

If love is Blood

Let me flow into every pulse

Piercing the Heart and

Ending with your Love

If love is Breath

Let me be your half Breath

Which spreads to your Lungs

If love is Mortal

Let it be the most beautiful Imagination

Which is stored in my Heart

If love is a Teacher

I’ll tell you the complexity and the meaning of

Love and Sincerity to you

If love is Poetry

I’m willing to be Words

Which has one Meaning

One Meaningful Meaning

I’ll Love You Till Death


Sumber Referensi/Credit: Puisi “Barangkali”


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