Chinese New Year in Kalam Kudus Christian High School 2 Jakarta

Jakarta, SKKKJAKARTA.SCH.ID – On the 27th of January 2023, the school of Kalam Kudus Christian High School celebrated the Chinese New Year 2023. There were a lot of activities and events that happened. For example, a fashion show, a couple of games, and a feast where all the students and teachers gather to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

At 06.45, the students gather around the gym court to have a morning devotion led by Pak Matius, our religion teacher. After that at 07.25 there was a fashion show. The contestants were from class X-MIPA, X-IPS 1, X-IPS 2, XI-MIPA, and XI-IPS. 

After that all the students went into separate groups that were prepared by the one who’s in charge of making the groups. And they played post games at 08.05, there were 5 different games some of them are unique and some you’ve probably seen online. The games are Magic Stick, Heads Up, Wrong Answers, A to Z, and Relay the Hula Hoop. They were given a certain amount of time to complete these games, some didn’t finish the games or maybe some finished way too quickly but it was a lot of fun.

The next activity is “search for the angpao” guessing by the name you probably already know what this event is. And yes, you basically search for the angpao. but there’s a twist, inside those angpao are different colored coupons that you can redeem near the XII class. There you can redeem it for snacks. You can get a maximum of 2 angpao per person.

After that activity, there’s an activity for the teachers and the principal to compete in. The activity is “continue the song”, the teachers and the principal enjoyed this activity. There were some students that watched while the teachers competed against each other. And then without further ado they announced the winners of the post games and the fashion show. For the post games first place goes to team 5, the second place goes to team 7, and third place goes to team 8. For the fashion show there are only 2 spots that can win the prize: the first place goes to X-IPS 2, and the second place goes to X-IPS 1. 

After all the exciting games and activities the students and teacher have a feast together in their own classes. All the students brought their own food that they can share with the other students.

Let this Chinese New Year be a blessing to all of us and be a moment we all can share.

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