Boys’ Brigade Senior Branch 14 Jakarta Celebrates BB’s 7th Anniversary

Jakarta, SKKKJAKARTA.SCH.ID – BB Senior (SMAS 2 KKK Jakarta) Branch 14 Jakarta held activities to welcome the 7th anniversary on February 1st 2023. 

BB’s Branch 14 Jakarta was officially established at the Kalam Kudus Jakarta Christian School Kosambi Baru unit on January 23rd 2016. Even though BB’s activities at SKKK Jakarta, the Kosambi Baru unit has been running since 2014. Even though its new BB has a positive impact for the students. “Seeing the response of BB students, it is necessary to continue to develop more interesting activities so that the members are more active,” says Miss Maureen, our Captain at BB branch 14 Jakarta. 

We should be grateful that BB has been running for 9 years at the SKKK Jakarta Kosambi Baru Unit. The existence of BB cannot be separated from the vision to produce students with Christ’s character. Let’s support together so that BB continues to move forward and become a blessing. Happy birthday to BB Branch 14 Jakarta, Kalam Kudus Christian School Jakarta Kosambi Baru Unit.

Hebrews 6:19 “Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast”.

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